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Group discount

In some cases we can offer you a group discount. If you are more than 6 people, a discount may be possible. But…and there’s always a but… If you only share rooms (2 persons per room) Children must stay in the same room as the parents. Adults must accompany their children. The minimum number of adults per room is 1. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to stay in a room without at least one adult. No discount is possible on excursions. It’s like on an airplane .. a seat is a seat .. This is not because of us, but that’s the way it works. In a group. Single rooms are possible for a surcharge of 35% per room per single room of the total amount per person. The discount depends on the type of holiday, trip, safari or tour chosen. Unfortunately, some trips (usually safari trips) often do not offer a discount. (or very little) Maximum booking 12 people. More people may sometimes be possible, but only by appointment and depending on the type of trip and the type of intermediate transport that is needed. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are planning to travel with a large group.

Child policy

Children over 12 years old are charged and counted as adults. For children under the age of 12 the rates are  50%, but only if they stay in the parents’ room. And only if they are accompanied by at least two adults. (Parents, grandparents etc.) Please note that there may be activities that children are not allowed to participate in. Like walking safaris for example. The guide or ranger is the one who makes the decision whether it is safe or not. Especially in the Kruger National Park the policy is very strict. South Africa is great for kids. Don’t let that stop you from bringing your kids.


A minimum booking is 2 people. We cannot organize private safaris or holidays for one person alone. Safaris and holidays with transport with a guide-driver for one person is not possible. After all, the guide also has to eat, drink, sleep and earn a salary. You can book for 1 person. But the extra cost is 100% (you come as one and pay for two…)

Down payment and remaining payment

To confirm your booking, a 25% or 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking. Depending on the type of trip or safari chosen. Safari bookings are always with a 50% deposit If the deposit is not paid, there is no booking and no agreement. The deposit must be paid within 3 days of booking. Non-payment is a cancellation by us without notice. The remaining 75% or 50% must be paid in full 6 weeks before arrival in South Africa or the departure date of your holiday, Safari, trip or tour. The 25% or 50% deposit is a non-refundable deposit.

Cancellation Policy

From the date of confirmation until 6 weeks before departure 25% or 50% Cancellation 5 weeks before departure 50% 5 weeks until departure 100% If there are special circumstances. Please contact us in time. Usually we can postpone your holiday, safari, tour or trip for up to 1 year. It could happen and you never know. Some things you cannot foresee. Communication is the key.

Travel guarantee

After making the deposit, the trip or safari is always 100% guaranteed. All legal obligations with regard to travel guarantees in and to South Africa are (mandatory) provided. We are a South African company. admittedly owned by the Dutch, and also located in South Africa.

ANVR / SGR (For Dutch Travelers)

The ANVR and SGR are Dutch bodies. As a South African company, we cannot and may not become a member of Dutch bodies. We have to comply with South African and International legislation and comply on all fronts. Because we are also active in the Dutch travel market, we have taken extra measures to comply with Dutch legislation. This means that part of every trip that is booked with us is deposited into a third party account that is managed by our lawyer / notary. (we can’t get there ourselves). In the event of calamities on our side, this is the one who handles matters. Because we have been traveling and providing safaris for over 26 years, this third-party account is sufficiently filled to reimburse everything that can happen. In addition, we have taken out the necessary insurance to exclude all risks for our travelers. Your return journey is guaranteed at all times because we do not offer airline tickets in our travel packages. Because you take care of this yourself, the return guarantee is invested with the airline of your choice. Of course you book a return flight and then the return is guaranteed anyway. In addition. All our assets and assets are 100% paid for. We have no outstanding long-term debts or receivables. As a result, a bankruptcy of Ntshava Safaris is completely out of the question. A fear of non-compliance with our obligations is therefore completely unfounded.

Travel insurance

Every now and then we get the question do you have travel insurance in case we (you, the traveler) have to cancel. Travel insurance is something you have to take out on your side. We cannot take care of this for you. Travel insurance is for when there is a calamity on your side. If there is a callamity on our side, it is about travel guarantees. (if there is a calamity with us, what happens, this is something completely different and that is as described in the above)

This way, all parties are fully covered and insured for the trip or safari chosen for you. Trusted when traveling to South Africa with Ntshava Safaris. And that since 1996.

If you have questions. Do not hesitate to contact us

Going to South Africa is usually a once in a lifetime adventure. It always is and should be based on trust. We trust you and assume that you trust us. Changes to these terms and conditions can be made without notice. All rights reserved by Ntshava Safaris. (Ntshava Trading Enterprise pty/ltd)


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