South Africa holidays and safari tours with private driver/guide

South Africa holidays and safari tours with private driver/guide. There is nothing better than traveling through South Africa with a guide. Don't drive yourself, the explanations, the stories make it great and very special. You get to places you wouldn't visit otherwise. You want that too, don't you?

Individual tours and safari holidays. Away from the crowds, away from the mass, away from the big buses. It doesn't get any better than this. Travel with us through South Africa. We know where you need to be.

Experience the real Africa. The magic of Africa still exists. And we know where. Off the beaten track. Nature, culture and wildlife. Welcome to the real Africa. We always say: Step into the world of National Geographic and Animal Planet.

Ntshava Safaris has been operating in South Africa since 1996. Trusted when traveling to South Africa.

A few times a year we also organize small-scale group holidays with a maximum of 12 participants. Something for you?

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Zuid-Afrika rondreizen en safari's

South Africa Holidays and Safari Tours

Always wanted to go on safari? Always wanted to see South Africa? Do you want to see the real Africa? Discover, experience and feel Africa?

If you're going to do it, do it right! Otherwise better stay at home...

The world of National Geographic and Animal Planet does exist!

Do it differently from others and we will take you and show you the real South Africa. Off the beaten track and not just some highlights. South Africa cannot be seen and experienced through the windows of a large bus. We do it differently. Relaxed, personal, familiar and uncomplicated.


Why book with Ntshava Safaris?

Unique programs, Ecotourism at affordable and fair prices, Tailor-made private tours and safaris, Private driver/guide, Active in South Africa since 1996, Relaxed, personal and familiar, We go what others dream of, Off the beaten track, No mass tourism,
The Kruger Park is our backyard, Localsh in South Africa, You sleep in small personal accommodations, We do what we promise!

Local Experts

No middlemen

Custom Made

Design your own holiday

Qualified Guides

Knowledge is our strength

Private Tours & Safaris

No one else is traveling with you

Small Scale Tourism

Small groups of up to 12 people

Senior Holidays

Special trips for the elderly

No Mass Tourism

Off the beaten track

Fair Travel Eco Tourism

We don't leave footprints

Ntshava Safaris South Africa Holidays and Safari Tours

Visiting South Africa and going on safari is a dream for many. When you decide to travel to South Africa. Then do it right. A lion that roars, a hyena that laughs, the rustle of the bushes. The campfire is burning and the stories about Africa are unleashed. Experience the magic of Africa. Immerse yourself in the wilderness with Ntshava Safaris.

Fair Travel Eco Tourism South Africa

Nature No. 1 in the world


No. 1 culture in the world


Wildlife No.1 in the world


Experience South Africa as it should be. Do it right!

Ntshava Safaris Travel Deals in South Africa

Are you looking for an affordable individual tour or safari in or through South Africa? We have listed a number of offers for you. All our tours and safaris are an adventure in itself. Of course, this also applies to our offers.

South Africa tours and safari holidays

Cayo de Agua, Los Roques, Venezuela $ 2500$ 1875 25% Off
Everest Base Camp Trek $ 3900$ 2000 49% Off

Everest Base Camp Trek

5 Days - 4 Nights
Annapurna Base Camp Trek $ 3900$ 1950 50% Off

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

4 Days - 3 Nights

Adventure, nature, culture and especially wildlife

South Africa Travel and Safari Tours by Ntshava Safaris. What our travelers say and think about our tours and safaris in South Africa.

Africa has a huge attraction for almost everyone. But be warned... once you've been to Africa, you'll want to come back again and again. Most of our travelers are back within 3 years. You can't get enough of it. We hear regularly. Now that I've been to South Africa, other holidays and travels are no longer fun and interesting enough.
Don't say afterwards that we didn't warn you.



South Africa is waiting for you!

Fancy a tour of South Africa or the safari adventure of a lifetime? What are you waiting for?

If you decide to travel to South Africa do it right or don't. Waste of your money and your time. Go for adventure, experiences and enjoy the real Africa.

Do you need advice or do you have questions? Please feel free to contact us. After all, questions cost nothing.

South Africa Expert
Since 1996


Ntshava Safaris Tours and Safari blog articles

If you have the time and inclination. Read a number of articles by and about us. From and about our safaris and tours. About South Africa. Some facts and some useful information. Always useful, right? Always useful to be well prepared for a trip and to know where you will end up.

South Africa Travel and Safari Tours by Ntshava Safaris

South Africa Travel and Safari Tours by Ntshava Safaris

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