Are you going for a self-drive tour South Africa? Do you want to drive through the most beautiful country in the world and go and stand as you wish?

Self-drive tours South Africa especially for those who want to discover South Africa themselves and drive around.


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Do you want to make a self-drive tour through South Africa? Want to drive yourself and experience South Africa on your own?

Then you have come to the right place with us. We are the one and only South Africa and Safari specialist from South Africa for tours and safaris. Whether you go for self-drive tours of South Africa and want to drive yourself or not.

Zuid-Afrika Reizen en Safari's


Internationally named best Safari company in Africa. Step into the world of National Geographic and Animal Planet. We know where you need to be during your self-drive trip in South Africa. The one and only South Africa specialist for self-drive tours. From very affordable to very exclusive luxury tours if you want to drive yourself.

self drive rondreizen en safari's zuid-afrika

Drive through South Africa on your own and at your own pace or also a Selfdrive tour.

Self-drive tours South Africa. Who doesn’t dream of it now. just a little extra adventure. Driving yourself in a foreign country is always extra exciting and gives an extra dimension to your tour. And certainly on a South Africa tour. Difficult? well no. Busy? In the big cities, but you hardly get there.

self drive rondreizen zuid-afrika zelf rijden en avontuur

Drive yourself. Great to do. No stress and you are in no rush. After all, you’re on a trip, right? And you’re on vacation, so don’t worry. It’s time to relax in South Africa. The “African Vibe” you know.

We do drive on the left here in South Africa. But once you get used to it. Then it is very logical. Most who have done a self-drive tour in South Africa say afterwards… Why don’t we drive on the left at home? Much easier.

zelf rijden in Zuid-Afrika tijdens jouw rondreis

SelfDrive South Africa tours from Ntshava Safaris

All our tours can be booked as a self-drive tour. Also the Kruger Park holidays in Marloth Park. Would you like to know which self-drive trips we offer in South Africa? That’s pretty easy to see. Go to the menu bar and look at the Individual tours. That’s it.. Selfdrives in South Africa can be made with us from 9 days, but that is a bit short. It is advisable to go for 20 days or longer.

Self-drive tours South Africa

Self-drive holidays in South Africa


Self-drive tours South Africa

Self-drive holidays in South Africa


Self-drive tours South Africa

Self-drive holidays in South Africa


Self-drive tours South Africa

Self-drive holidays in South Africa


Self-drive tours South Africa

Self-drive holidays in South Africa


Self-drive tours South Africa

Self-drive holidays in South Africa


Self-drive tours South Africa

Self-drive holidays in South Africa


If you go for high-quality self-drive travel in South Africa, the choice is made very quickly. Driving yourself in South Africa is a great adventure. Just do it!

Ntshava Safaris the one and only South Africa expert since 1996. High quality tours and safaris.

Self-drive tours South Africa from us? Do you want to drive yourself in South Africa? Pay attention!

selfdrive Zuid-Afrika met olifant

We only do special nature, culture and wildlife self-drive tours in South Africa.

We do not arrange and provide any standard self-drive trips and we do not have standard self-drive concepts. Only special tours where you drive yourself in South Africa. Especially for you and off the beaten track. No mass tourism, away from the crowds and away from the crowd. We do it a little differently than others. Do you want a standard self-drive tour in South Africa…. Unfortunately, then we are probably not the organization for you.

Early birds get an extra discount

Book your self-drive tour in South Africa now for later

Early bookers are people who book their tour, holiday or safari at least 6 months in advance (minimum for 2 people)

If you need more inspiration. Then take a look at our travel South Africa overviews and South Africa offer. We love to make it a self-drive tour in South Africa especially for you if you want to drive yourself.

There is nothing for you. Contact us without obligation for a tailor-made self-drive tour of South Africa or a safari. Self-driving in South Africa is a great adventure.

Self-drive tours South Africa compare prices. Always do but be careful!

Very logical and always do. However, keep in mind that our self-drive tours are different from others. We are also located in South Africa. In concrete terms, we have been living here since 1996. Our self-drive tours in South Africa cannot be booked with others. A fair and simple comparison is therefore not possible.

Your extra assurances from us when you are driving around yourself during your self-drive tour in South Africa

You can always fall back on us. After all, we are on site. If you have a really big problem, we will pick you up if necessary. Or arrange for one of us to pick you up.

Are things getting a little tricky? 1 call and we will arrange it on site here in South Africa. Day and night. Self-drive tours South Africa with a lot of extra certainties.

Need help in South Africa is sometimes a disaster if you are not known here… It is better to contact us if you come across a problem here in South Africa that you cannot solve yourself. If necessary, we will look for you. Wherever you are.

Do you want to know more about us?

NTSHAVA SAFARIS. South Africa. Greater Kruger Park. Mpumalanga. South Africa.

Why self-drive tours South Africa from us



Contact us for your options for a self-drive tour according to our concept. Because we live in South Africa, a lot is possible. Both in terms of assistance with preparation and assistance on site. We are always there for you on the spot in South Africa!

Self-drive tours South Africa
Self-driving in South Africa is a great adventure



Fair Travel Eco Tourism South Africa. Both the nature reserves, the National Parks and the local population will benefit as much as possible from your booked tour. We even have our own foundation that offers orphans the opportunity to go to school.

Self-drive tours South Africa
Self-driving in South Africa is a great adventure




Have you always wanted to see Africa? Lions and elephants in their natural environment? Pristine beaches where there is no one but you? Want to get to know the culture of the original Africans? What are you waiting for then? Until it’s too late?

Self-drive tours South Africa
Self-driving in South Africa is a great adventure

Self-drive tours South Africa. Drive yourself in South Africa. More info.

Self-drive tours South Africa. Drive yourself in South Africa.

Discover with our self-drive tours of South Africa why travelers experience this as one of the most beautiful holiday countries in the world. There is no comparison in terms of hospitable friendly people, nature (flora & fauna), variety of culture and of course an enormous variety of activities.

With our range of self-drive South Africa tours, an excellent infrastructure and good road network, we offer you a perfect way to drive yourself and thus discover, experience and above all experience our beautiful country. Use our passion and more than 25 years of knowledge and experience as an organizer of South Africa tours and safaris. We have been living in South Africa since 1996. If we don’t know by now, something is seriously wrong.

Self Drive tours South Africa

Discover a world in one country. And that’s South Africa. The Dutch influences and the colonial history that can be found everywhere. This offers the self-drive traveler a lot of recognition. Sometimes very funny.

What do you think of the many recognizable place names and signposts. Even with the many influences from outside South Africa, our country has a very extensive and unique cuisine that offers a real feast for the most spoiled of us. From Table Mountain in the south to the Limpopo River in the north. South Africa offers even the most spoiled traveler a wide range of adventure activities, impressive nature, friendly people and accommodation options.

Not to mention the overwhelming wildlife of the nature reserves. Self-driving in South Africa is a great adventure. Due to an enormous variety of landscapes and cultures, South Africa is a beautiful country to travel through on your own.

Because of its many facets, beautiful South Africa can be visited all year round and as a self-drive or privately guided travel destination it is suitable for everyone. Due to its modern and very extensive infrastructure, South Africa is ideally suited to explore on an individual basis.

Discover the silence off the beaten track self-drive tours south africa

Unique self-drive tours away from the crowd. Discover sleepy villages, places where time has stood still. You can see beautiful landscapes during the beautiful routes. Secluded and vast plains with breathtaking views that will make you silent again and again.

Avoid mass tourism yourself. Away from the crowds, away from the hectic. self-drive tours south africa. Self-driving in South Africa is a great adventure.

Avoid mass tourism where possible and discover unique spots that are sometimes less or even completely unknown to the local population!

Self-drive tours South Africa tailor-made

All travel examples on our website can be adapted for a self-drive and made suitable to your personal requirements and wishes. We are happy to use our South Africa tour offer together with you as a starting point for your own unique tailor-made self-drive tour in South Africa.

Self-drive in South Africa during seldrive tours South Africa

Self-drive is the most adventurous way to discover South Africa at your own pace. Stop at the places you feel like and for how long you would like this. South Africa has good roads and reasonably clear signage. Of course driving is slightly different than in Europe and we are happy to tell you about those differences.

Self-drive tours south africa. Driving yourself in South Africa and the big difference

You notice the first and biggest difference immediately when you drive onto the road. In South Africa people drive on the left. The first hour you change the wipers with your flashing light regularly, but you get used to it faster than you think.

Self-driving in South Africa

Driving around South Africa is in principle possible. But allow at least three (preferably four) weeks for this. You can also easily take a domestic flight. In our experience and in our opinion you really don’t want to race across the country. A max of 500 km per day is really the max. The roads are generally quite good. But with the many curves. Here and there some potholes (holes in the road) and the many beautiful places to stop for a while, you don’t drive 500 km as fast as you would at home.

Drive early during your self-drive tours of South Africa

Get in the car early, if it isn’t so hot yet. Another advantage is that you have the whole day ahead of you. Stay a little longer in a town to see just that one spot. Then you don’t have to rush because your day is almost over. In the summer it is nice to have a car with air conditioning. It is also worth choosing a car that is spacious enough. You travel long distances and all your luggage has to be taken with you. It is nice if your car is big enough that your luggage can be put out of sight.

Don’t drive yourself in the dark in South Africa

Take your time through the country, but keep an eye on the sun. We do not recommend driving in the dark. If only because of the many people and animals that walk along the side of the road in certain areas. In many game parks it is not even allowed. You can only drive there from sunrise to sunset.

Refuel on time

In addition to the sun, it is of course also important to keep an eye on your fuel gauge. There are plenty of pumps, but you definitely don’t want to run the risk of ending up in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank. When you fill up, there is an immediate portion of South African friendliness and service. Your windows and mirrors will be cleaned and your oil level checked. A tip of 5 to 10 Rand is therefore very much appreciated.

Watch your speed while driving in South Africa

As in any country, it is important to pay close attention to your speed. In South Africa you will also find police officers in places where you would not expect them to be 1-2-3. For example with a laser gun in the Kruger Park. The fines are really not sick, so keep a close eye on your speed.

Some fun facts while driving in South Africa

South Africans call a traffic light a robot. If they want to let you pass on the highway, they divert to the ‘shoulders’ of the road (hard shoulder). Thanks to the overtaking car by signaling with its hazard lights. To which the other responds by flashing high beams. Everyone stops at an intersection without traffic lights. The person who stops first has right of way and is the first to start driving again. The right takes precedence rule does not apply here!

The traffic rules

South Africans drive on the left side of the road. Seat belts are mandatory and you are not allowed to make phone calls while driving. All speed limits in South Africa are in kilometers per hour. In general, the speed limit for urban areas is 60 km/h, 100 km/h on secondary roads and 120 km/h on national highways. Always stick to the speed limit. Keep an eye on this as it can depend on the road conditions. There are roadside checks and in some areas (particularly along the Garden Route) there are also a lot of speed cameras.

Drivers license

You can use a valid driver’s license issued in your home country as long as it has a photo and signature of the holder and the driver’s license is in English. Otherwise, it is best to purchase an international driver’s license before you leave. You should always have your driver’s license with you when you drive. If you are put aside (for whatever reason) you must be able to show this. If you are ordered to stop by the police on the way. Then it is allowed to go to a well-lit place. For example a gas station or police station by driving at a moderate speed as long as you show that you have seen them.

Find your way (Google maps on your mobile works very well)

It is best to travel with a recent road map or GPS system to familiarize yourself. You can rent a GPS system with your car or buy a road map. These are available at most bookstores and gas station stores. In this digital age, most areas have a signal for your smartphone so you can use your favorite maps app.

To fuel

When you fill up, pay close attention to what type of fuel the vehicle is using (diesel or gasoline) before you start filling up. A mistake can be disastrous. Most gas stations accept credit and debit cards. A gas station attendant can help you fill up at the gas station. Check your tires, change oil and water and even clean your windows. It is customary to give a small tip to the gas station attendant.


Make sure you have some cash with you for toll roads. Tolls are charged on many of the highways. If you rent a car, check whether the rental company also has an e-toll tag in the car. If so, you can go to the toll gates through the gates where e-toll is indicated.


Also, when you park somewhere, you may be approached by a parking attendant with luminescent clothing keeping an eye on your car. Again, it is customary to tip. A tip of up to R10 depending on how long you park is common.

Travel tip:

It is advisable to always have a full tank of fuel and extra water with you in case of breakdown. Distances between cities can be quite large, especially the main roads through the interior.

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