Disabled holidays South Africa

Safaris and tours for the disabled

It really is possible, so also for you!

Disabled holidays South Africa. A safari in South Africa is a dream for many. Make your African dream come true and go on safari in South Africa. We offer special safari tours for handicapped and disabled people of all kinds. Contact us and we can make it possible for almost everyone. Fair Travel Eco Tourism South Africa. We know where you need to be.

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Do you want to go on a South Africa guided holiday or safari tour as a disabled person with a private driver/guide?

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Internationally named best Safari company in Africa. Step into the world of National Geographic and Animal Planet. We know where you need to be during your trip or holiday in South Africa. The one and only South Africa and Safari specialist for people with disabilities. Whatever your limitation, there is a solution to adjust into almost everything. We’re going to arrange it for you.

Disabled holidays South Africa

Tours for people with almost every disability


Disabled holidays South Africa

Tours for people with almost every disability


Disabled holidays South Africa

Tours for people with almost every disability


Sustainable eco friendly fair travel South Africa tours and safaris for the disabled, and people with almost any disabilities

Disabled holidays South Africa and safaris

As a disabled person you can also go to South Africa!

We have been doing tours and safaris with people with disabilities for many years. For us the crown on our work to see people happy and happy.

If you have a disability, safari trips are also possible for you. Especially if you can stand and get into an SUV with or without help, almost anything is possible. If you can take a step or stand, your options are almost endless.

Disabled holidays South Africa

Handicapped tour in South Africa?

If you need more help and some extra adjustments, we can usually make a safari trip in South Africa possible for you.

Contact us for your options.

South Africa tours and safaris for disabled people is tailor-made.
No one is equal and all limitations are never the same. Each tour or holiday will be custom made for you.

Disabled holidays South Africa and tours

Do you want to go on safari with a disability?

Everybody is different. No one is the same. And that is certainly the case for people with disabilities or disabilities.

No handicap is the same and it is different for everyone. It is therefore not possible to just turn a standard trip into a trip for people with disabilities. However, the basis for us is usually a standard trip. You choose a trip and we adapt it to your abilities and possibilities.

If you are planning a South Africa holiday, safari or traveling around South Africa. Then do it right. Do it honestly and go for quality in an honest way. And all this with the least possible impact on nature, people and the environment. Take a sustainable disabled South Africa tour or sustainable safari for the disabled. Fair Tavel and Eco Tourism we all know how important this is.

Pieter Blaak

Founder Ntshava Safaris

Contact us without obligation to discuss your options.

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Disabled holidays and safari tours South Africa travel inspiration

A small indication that you can choose from. Of course much more is possible. Contact us for your options. There is more possible than what you would expect. Make your wishes of your African dream known and we will look at the possibilities together with you. Whether you can’t walk, can’t see or you have a mental disability or are disabled in any other way. A solution can be found to almost everywhere and everything. Most of it is just common sense. We look at the possibilities and not at the impossibilities.

The above tours are an indication of a number of options for disabled travelers with a disability to go on a holiday to South Africa.

Depending on your limitation or handicap, we can put together a South Africa holiday or safari tour for your personal situation together with you.

Of course we have many more round trips, safari tours and holidays in our package that are perfectly suitable for people with a disability or limitation. It is best to contact us and we can provide an appropriate advice about a tour for you and your disability holiday in South Africa.

The cost of a disabled holiday in South Africa

foto safari krugerpark luipaard

Disabled holidays South Africa

It is very difficult for us to indicate exactly what the price of a trip for disabled people through South Africa or a Kruger Park safari would be. Everyone is different and all handicaps are different. Depending on your handicap and the adjustments that have to be made, there will unfortunately be an additional cost. All disabled trips are therefore always tailor-made.

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Tours and safaris for people with disabilities

Every disabled person’s journey is therefore tailor-made. We start from our standard South Africa tours and safaris that are adapted where necessary to make them suitable for you. The costs of this are therefore different per trip. Contact us without obligation and we will get to work for you to make your Africa dream come true.

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Disabled and disabled travel South Africa

But for an indication you can make an estimate with the normal prices whether a South Africa trip or safari is something for you and will be feasible. What we in any case ensure is that it is done as cheaply as possible without making concessions to quality. Would you like to go to South Africa? Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities together.

Why an individual private holiday in South Africa for people with disabilities with us



Contact us for your options. Because we have flexible arrival times, a lot is possible. Provided we have the capacity. Unfortunately we only have limited capacity in terms of cars and guides. Full is really full

Disabled holidays South Africa



Fair Travel Eco Tourism South Africa. The nature reserves, the National Parks and the local population will benefit as much as possible from your booked tour. We even have our own foundation that offers orphans the opportunity to go to school.

Disabled holidays South Africa




Have you always wanted to see Africa? Lions and elephants in their natural environment? Pristine beaches where there is no one but you? Want to get to know the culture of the original Africans? What are you waiting for then? Until it’s too late?

Disabled holidays South Africa

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Then take a look at our South Africa holiday and safari categories. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for. We adapt it if necessary to your limitation or handicap.

There is nothing for you? Contact us without obligation for a tailor-made South Africa tour or safari holiday.

Do you want to know more about us?

NTSHAVA SAFARIS. South Africa. Greater Kruger Park. Mpumalanga. South Africa.

Disabled holidays South Africa and tours from Ntshava Safaris read more

Disabled people holidays and tours for people with disabilities in South Africa how do we do that

You are disabled or have a disability and would like to go to South Africa. And now what?

Whether you are physically or mentally handicapped. We move heaven and earth to make a safari in South Africa possible for you too. Unique and special for you! Individual safari trips especially for you, your limitation or handicap and your travel group. No groups so that the magic of Africa is guaranteed especially for you.

We will ensure that you can travel on safari or travel around in South Africa

→ We provide and select all accommodations that must be suitable for your handicap. If desired, we can even make holiday homes suitable for you and your group. In some cases we make a round trip for which we only use holiday homes. Nice and private and very convenient.

→ We provide adapted transport or special transport if necessary. For a small group of two people, this can be an adapted wheelchair car or a bus that is suitable for several wheelchairs.

→ If you wish, we can even deploy extra caregivers from South Africa.

Need extra care?

If you need extra care, we can take this into account and respond to it. Health care and care in South Africa is of a high standard. If necessary, we can bring a caregiver on your trip.

Disabled people traveling to South Africa? Pay attention!

We only do special nature, culture and wildlife safari tours with disabled people and people with disabilities in South Africa. We do not arrange and provide any standard disabled safari trips and do not have standard safari concepts. Itineraries only for people with disabilities in South Africa just for you and off the beaten track. No mass tourism, away from the crowds and away from the crowd. We do it a little differently than others. Do you want a standard disabled trip or safari trip in South Africa…. Unfortunately, then we may not be the organization for you.

If you can agree with this, then you now know what we can do for you and then take a look at our options for you and your handicap or limitation.

Our disabled holidays and disabled ours in South Africa

Disabled holidays South Africa with guide

It is also possible for you, but not just like that, some preparation is necessary

To be able to properly organize a tour or safari in South Africa, you really need to know something about South Africa and know where you should and shouldn’t be. The doors are a good example. In South Africa, the standard doors are narrow and the accommodation where you can enter with a wheelchair without a sidewalk, stairs and doors wide enough, you have to know otherwise you will have a problem… Traveling around with disabled people, and the people with disabilities it is fine to do if you know what you are doing.

Disabled holidays South Africa with driver

Disabled and handicapped people all the way to South Africa and on safari

It’s not that easy. Everyone always thinks, but that is not the case.
As an organizer you really have to take everything into account. From sidewalks to steps.
This is just to give an example that it is not so 1,2,3 hup and we have a disabled tour for South Africa.

Disabled people tours and holidays South Africa for almost any disability.

Feel free to contact us for your options.

Disabled holidays South Africa private

Why do we organize disabled travel in South Africa?

We have thought very long and very carefully whether we can and want to arrange this type of travel. Do we want this.. Yes. Wholeheartedly yes. For us it’s really great to do this and the icing on the cake as a tour company in South Africa.
Can we do this… After a lot of accommodations, locations, excursions under the microscope, so to speak. Supplemented by the experience we have. We are convinced that we can make a South Africa trip or safari possible for everyone. So also for you!


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