Who are we in South Africa

Who are we from Ntshava Safaris? In South Africa since 1996

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa and actually walking through it, can convey the indescribable sensations of Africa.”
William Burchell
English explorer

Since 1996

Ntshava Safaris. The one and only South Africa and Safari specialist

Zuid-Afrika Reizen en Safari's


Sooooo…. Ntshava Safaris who is that?

Dit ben ik

This is me! The one sitting here.

Pieter Blaak
The founder of Ntshava Safaris

Experience, feel and discover the real Africa. Travel to Africa as it should be. Without prejudice and open your heart and soul. Only then will you really experience Africa. Note Africa is not like Europe or the US. Everything is different, everything goes different.

Be open to Africa and Africa is open to you.

And this is what I like best. Enjoying Africa and all that Africa has to offer me. I have been in Africa since 1996 and the founder of Ntshava Safaris. Greater Kruger Park South Africa.

We only provide quality tours and safaris in South Africa. No concessions. Always trusted and well organized.

Internationally named best Safari company in Africa. Step into the world of National Geographic and Animal Planet. We know where you need to be during your trip or holiday in South Africa.

The one and only South Africa specialist for South Africa travel and safaris in South Africa. From very affordable to very exclusive luxury trips and safaris

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Read more about Ntshava Safaris and sustainable travel in South Africa

Sustainable Travel in South Africa with Ntshava Safaris

Eco-friendly and sustainable travel is becoming increasingly important, especially in South Africa. People are traveling more consciously, away from mass tourism and ensure that the footprints they leave behind are as small as possible. The impact of a long journey such as to South Africa, for example, must be limited as much as possible.

Why travel sustainably in South Africa with Ntshava Safaris?

Most people love traveling in and to South Africa. Traveling in South Africa is very rewarding. You discover the most beautiful places, gain the best experiences and get to know new people and others about the African culture. Traveling in South Africa brings a lot of relaxation, gives a lot of energy and recharges people.

But unfortunately not everything and everyone benefits from tourism.

We all know by now that tourism has positive and negative effects on the environment, nature, wildlife and the local population. On the one hand, local nature and culture are disturbed and the environment is polluted. On the other hand, the income from tourism ensures that investments can be made locally at the destination in education, health care, employment, wildlife conservation and nature conservation. It’s kind of like “Yah is it good or not..”

Therefore sustainable Travel in South Africa with Ntshava Safaris

More and more of our travelers are consciously thinking about how to travel and what to do on which trip. Trips from Ntshava Safaris magnify the positive and reduce the negative impact of tourism. We do not pretend to have a solution for all problems. We do offer the opportunity to enjoy a great trip that burdens the environment and nature as little as possible and that benefits the local economy and population.

We live on a beautiful planet. With our sustainable travels, we not only want to show how unforgettably beautiful South Africa is, but also that it is possible to protect it at the same time, so that we ourselves and future generations can continue to amaze with the beauty of our planet and of course South Africa.

Sustainable travel in South Africa, how does it work?

If you are traveling or going on safari with Ntshava Safaris. Then you amplify the positive effects of tourism. We compose our round trips and safari trips in such a way that all customers also contribute to this. You don’t have to do or not do anything special for this.

What are we doing

We select our partners in South Africa based on, among other things, their integrity and commitment to nature and the local population. Where possible, we choose companies that meet criteria for sustainable travel. To be fair, this does not work in all situations. We do, however, strive for the maximum achievable. In practice, this means that by far the majority of your stay and activities that you do are carried out by companies that do meet those criteria.

Ntshava Safaris Local Expertise

Without a doubt we are real South Africa and safari specialists ourselves. But of course we also make use of further local expertise at the various local locations in South Africa.

We mainly work with small-scale Eco-friendly and sustainable accommodations. We also work if we are unable to do it ourselves or at some locations with the well-known local professional (nature) guides who come from the relevant areas.

We do ask you to be aware of your impact as a visitor during your trip, especially in less touristy areas. Therefore, keep in mind that you respect, show and preserve respect for nature and the environment, as well as for the local population.


The arrival of you to us in South Africa as travelers automatically means income for the local people. To prevent all this income from going to the large commercial organizations, we have deliberately opted for a collaboration with only small-scale, local partners that focus on the interests and participation of the local population. Because it is precisely by involving the local population in the development of tourism that they get opportunities to get out of this negative poverty spiral.

Fair prices of Ntshava safaris

The tours and safaris we offer are fairly priced. With us you do not pay the main price for your trip or safari. But you pay for your trip according to value. We ensure that all local contacts, guides and drivers can receive a good and fair remuneration.

Sustainable travel in South Africa  also means travel with a positive impact.

We believe that tourism can make the world a little more beautiful when done responsibly. With our trips we want to increase employment at the destination. We think it is important that you get to know locals, so that you have an unforgettable experience and the people there have an income. We ensure a clear waste policy, limit or compensate CO2 emissions and want to prevent ‘overtourism’. Do you, like us, think it is important that all those beautiful destinations are preserved for future generations?

Then travel sustainably in South Africa with Ntshava Safaris

A few small tips that help you to travel sustainably in South Africa

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!

Water is Africa’s most precious resource. A short shower is better than a long bath. Hang your towel on the drying rack to use again the next day. Towel on the floor means a request for new towels.

Some properties recycle bath water to water the garden. Consider using biodegradable bath products.

Turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave the room.

Unfortunately, information about environmental pollution is lacking in many developing countries, including South Africa. Even though you regularly see plastic waste on the side of the road in South Africa, set a good example as a guest and do not participate in this. In nature parks in particular, you take all your waste outside again.

Compensate for your ecological footprint with, for example, helping us to help.

Treat people with respect. Act like a guest in someone else’s country. For example, learn a local greeting. Do not take an unsolicited photo of someone, but have a chat and ask if you can take a photo.

Pay a fair price for services and products.

However well-intentioned, do not encourage begging by giving money. Rather contribute to a local project. You can visit a project on site and/or we can advise you on this. Did your trip make a big impression on you, and do you want to help people on the spot? At the end of your trip, we can help you make a donation to a project that we are sure will get your money where it was intended.

Ntshava Safaris and Wildlife Conservation

Conservation and awareness is a spearhead in all our trips and safaris. Education and learning to understand nature in Africa and nature and wildlife not only of Africa but also in general. Through the tours and safaris that we offer to our travelers, their understanding and awareness is created. Our trips are not a school class and no study trips, but along the way you will experience that you have learned a lot from Africa. Of the wildlife and wildlife of Africa. There is no better way to experience Africa than traveling with a guide. The explanation, the stories and knowing where to go makes all the difference. By booking your trip in South Africa you help us help. A small percentage of the trip or safari you have booked is set aside to enable assistance.

Help Ntshava Safaris help

We do things differently than others and we would like to keep it that way. Travel and go on safari with us and make a little difference. Leave no footprints and mean something to the local population. Tourism helps with this. During our travels we almost always visit local people. We use local people and resources as much as possible. The local population benefits as much as possible. Ntshava Safaris helps local initiatives and projects where possible. Sometimes with financing, sometimes with resources, sometimes with advice.

Help us help.

By booking your trip in South Africa you help us. A small percentage of the trip or safari you have booked is set aside to enable assistance.

What do we stand for

Very simple. We want to show you and your travel group the best that South Africa has to offer. Small-scale tours and safaris in South Africa for the best possible price. And all this including transport with a driver-guide

Fair Travel Eco Tourism South Africa

  • Dutch in South Africa. In South Africa since 1996. We know South Africa like the back of our hand. Traveling and safaris in South Africa is our passion.

  • 100% Customizable Do you have a special wish? Or a brilliant idea for a safari? Our trips can all be adapted to your idea and wishes.

  • Local experts. No between persons. You book directly with us. So no others are involved. A fair safari trip for a fair price.

  • No hidden costs. The price is the price. No hidden costs. No surprises afterwards. No cost-consuming head office and no unnecessary costs.

  • Arrive when you want. Most of our safaris and tours are private trips. You can determine your desired arrival day in consultation with us. No one else travels with you.

  • Small-scale group travel. A few times a year we do small-scale group trips with a maximum of 12 people. Early registration is required. Contact us for departure times.

We do what we promise! And that for more than 25 years.

Luxe Kaapstad reis en Kalahari

Pay attention! Very important for us but also for you.

We only do special nature, culture and wildlife safari quality tours in South Africa. We do not arrange and provide any standard safari trips and we do not have standard safari concepts. Only quality safari tours in South Africa just for you. Off the beaten track. No mass tourism, away from the crowds and away from the crowd. We do it a little differently than others.

Do you want a standard safari tour or safari trip….?? Unfortunately, then we are probably not the organization for you. We go for quality, experience, experience and make African dreams come true.

Whether you make a great affordable tour with us or book a super luxury safari or tour. That does not matter. Always value for money and different from others.

Who are we from Ntshava Safaris

Fair Travel Eco toerisme Zuid-Afrika

Ntshava Safaris… What is that???

Yeah.. good question.. Ntshava Safaris who is that? That is the first thing you will ask yourself when you come to our websites.

You are right. That is also what you should ask yourself. Never heard of it. And now a South Africa holiday or trip and then you come Ntshava Safaris Since 1996?? in return for. And now..

I actually want to go to South Africa but it has to be good and familiar..

So who are we in South Africa

We are a reputable safari and tour company here in South Africa. Indeed in South Africa. We are located in South Africa. ie we are a South African company. And that since 1996.

So we can’t be that bad, can we?

If you’ve been doing this for so long, then there must be something right. Contact person in many cases is I… Pieter Blaak.. Yes.. And now, who is that then?? Well if you read the articles on our blog then you know about it.

wie zijn wij ntshava safaris gidsen

Ntshava Safaris… What is that???

Never heard of it.. Ai ai ai if that’s good…

The good news is!

But the good news is we (Ntshava Safaris) have been doing South Africa tours and safaris for many years. It even happens regularly when you book a South Africa trip at a (mega large) travel agency known to you. And you arrive in South Africa. And who do you think will carry out the trip?.. That’s exactly us (Ntshava Safaris).

Once set up by a Dutchman.. How bad can it be..

But without madness and without fooling around. Do not worry. Your South Africa trip is in good hands with us. We work hard and provide good holidays in South Africa. If you do business with us, you will certainly not regret it. Absolutely not.

And then you immediately get the following.. What do our travelers think of us.. Oh oh oh. If you are interested in what our travelers think about it…. reviews and ratings? then look further here.

ntshava safaris in de bush

Strange that you don’t know us, right? Or is it okay.

No, it is not. We only do tours and safaris in South Africa. And that’s something many people only do once in their lives. yes then you search the internet and then you come across us .. And now what??

And yes.. There you have the problem

Normally you look for your holiday with the renowned large travel organizations, right? And those sell trips that go to every corner of the world. You book annually at your trusted address, your holiday. point. ready.. that’s it..

It’s not strange that you don’t know us then, right?

And there you hit the nail on the head. We don’t know you either, by the way. That is always a surprise. Or not? Let’s do something about it together. What do you think. Will you travel with us? So… the Ntshava Safaris company. It’s not just me. Ntshava Safaris is a whole team. We will only be happy if we can provide you with an optimal South Africa adventure. That’s what we always go for.

Why book a trip with Ntshava Safaris



Contact us for your options. Because we have flexible arrival times, a lot is possible. Provided we have the capacity. Unfortunately we only have limited capacity in terms of cars and guides. Full is really full

Since 1996



Fair Travel Eco Tourism South Africa. The nature reserves, the National Parks and the local population will benefit as much as possible from your booked tour. We even have our own foundation that offers orphans the opportunity to go to school.

Since 1996




Have you always wanted to see Africa? Lions and elephants in their natural environment? Pristine beaches where there is no one but you? Want to get to know the culture of the original Africans? What are you waiting for then? Until it’s too late?

Since 1996

How crazy that I don’t know Ntshava Safaris? or not so strange?

Ntshava safaris overlanding Afrika

Ntshava Safaris… Soss???

We are a team of about 15 experienced South Africa people. Some are South Africans (Afrikaans is almost Dutch) and some come from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and others from England.

So long story short. You don’t know us and we don’t know you… Let’s do something about it together. Let’s travel together in South Africa. Then you get to know us and we get to know you. Then everything will be all right Do you want to get to know me or us? Then unfortunately there is no other option than to book a South Africa holiday or safari with us… Then you will get to know us and maybe I’ll be your guide. Everyone at the Ntshava Safaris company follows the same thoughts, and has comparable knowledge of wildlife. Of course also about South Africa and everything that can be important for your holiday.

Who are we from Ntshava Safaris and what is important

Fair Travel Eco toerisme Zuid-Afrika

Ntshava Safaris our mission and focus

Our round trips and safari trips are all carefully composed and selected. Our focus is on special, special and unforgettable. Our trips can therefore not be found with others. You therefore do not book a few travel components, but a total experience in which years of knowledge and experience have been incorporated and you can always count on assistance, even if something unexpectedly goes wrong at the destination (regardless of the time!).

wie zijn wij ntshava safaris gidsen

Sustainable and eco-friendly travel

We are continuously developing and improving to develop the organization of our trips and safaris in a more sustainable way. Eco travel has our priority and full attention. We work hard to increase the positive impact of our trips and safaris and reduce the negative impact of each trip. Without compromising on the experience, we continuously strive for better, more beautiful and more sustainable trips.

If you can find yourself in all this…. Then look further at your leisure. You now know roughly what you can get from us. We go for adventure, experience and experience, that’s what it’s all about. Let you enjoy as we always do ourselves.

South Africa is an addiction. If you have traveled with us once, it must be strange if we don’t see you again within 3 years. The African blood creeps where it can’t go. You can’t get enough.

You must have been in South Africa or on Safari at least once in your life. Have you not seen the Kruger Park yet? Have you not yet experienced a trip or an adventurous holiday in South Africa? Then you have never really been on holiday.

Pieter Blaak
Since 1996

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